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How I did not know and neither did the fifty or more doctors I've seen.


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Last week I took a day trip to the coast and was unable to go home for three days due to bad storms.

The first night I did not sleep at all, everything I felt was familiar, I had been feeling them for years, but this time it was worse than ever and it did not go away, usually I took all my medications and went to be awaking two or three hours later felling better.

By the second day I knew something was wrong, I had been here before, I went on the web and quickly realized what was wrong as I searched for lorazepam withdrawal.

I returned home the third day and to prove to myself I took not my usual dose but double, went to sleep and woke up fine. Now I know what took my life.

After Hurricane Katrina A doctor prescribed 1mg at bedtime, told me that of all the drugs this one would be the safest. I believed him and took it as prescribed.

After hip surgery I increased my dose as my pain was so bad, I think that jump started these symptoms of withdrawal I had been feeling since about one year after prescribed.

Thank you to everyone everywhere who has told their story as I think your account of your own situation has saved my life.

I have divided my dose to four time a day and am trying to stabilize, Monday I will contact my most trusted doctor who is an oncologist, taking to him all the documentation I have found.

I am also dependent on opiates so I know I have a long journey, but I now know what has been literally killing me for 6 years.


I found that my brother was dependent on Xanax at was prescribed by the VA, then I began to think.My mother died in 2008 all my life she had these problems, I even thought it might be genetic, so I pulled her Journals, she was prescribed Librium in the spring of 1963 she took the same dose every night for 45  years, this alone makes me so sad that in all those years as a nurse working with doctors and seeking help for her problems no one knew or cared enough to figure it out.

I have lost my faith over the past five years but For her I pray that finally she is at peace.


Wish me luck, any advice you might want to share is welcome.

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Welcome to BenzoBuddies the people here are really helpful people and I thank them everyday for the support they gave me...

My doctors refused to believe the benzos had anything to do with all the withdrawal symptoms I went through they even tried diagnosing me with different illnesses such as vertigo and insomnia which I never had prior to the benzos luckly I carried  on and made it through all the hellish feelings benzo withdrawal brought along...

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Welcome Liaim,


It's such a relief finding this site. I wouldn't have tapered in only 2 weeks if I'd have known earlier. Dr.s should tell us, and we should ask them, how are we supposed to get off of this drug that they want to give us?? I remember hearing about "mother's little helper, Valium", a problem in the 1950s, but I didn't know Valium was in the same family as Xanax. It doesn't seem like we've progressed at all...

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