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The Myth of the Eight-Hour Sleep


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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to share this article I came across that has eased my sleep anxiety quite a bit.  I've been trying unsuccessfully to sleep in one long chunk of time thinking that's how I'm SUPPOSED to sleep, but turns out maybe that's not so natural after all. 


Judging from the article I should go to bed around 9:30, when I naturally start to get sleepy, and sleep until about 1:00/1:30 like my body seems to want to do.  Then instead of freaking out that I woke up and want to stay up, I can just enjoy the time I'm awake and then go back to bed again around 3:30 when I get sleepy again. 


I've been purposely keeping myself up until 12:00/12:30 even though I'm tired, with the hope that I can teach myself to sleep in one long chunk of time.  Turns out maybe there's nothing wrong with sleeping in two phases rather than one.


I hope this article is a source of relief for other insomniac BBs out there like it was for me.  I'm coming to realize that it's the worrying about sleep that's probably more damaging than the not sleeping.





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interesting.  i have actually been attempting to incorporate this type of rationale when awaking at 1:30 or so.  it is CRITICAL not to start stressing about being awake and not able to fall back asleep.  this is where deep, conscious breathing comes in.  just accept the situation moment to moment.  for me, this is the most important part:  TRY AND JUST RELAX - INSTEAD OF 'GOING BACK TO SLEEP'.  This way your body should fall back asleep naturally when ready. i've learned you can't force your body to sleep. 
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