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Worsening of symptoms at 6 months?


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Hey all,


This has been, without a doubt, the most trying time of my life.  Its so hard to maintain some recollection of what my "normal" was like since this has gone on so long.  I'm exhausted.  Every little thing that I do throughout the day, even brushing my teeth, takes so much effort.  Hope is so hard to come by right now for any length of time and requires constant attention to maintain, and mental attetion isn't exactly my strong suit right now. 


With the exception of a few days here and there my symptoms have been pretty awful since jumping back in late June '11.  Recently, however, it really feels like my symptoms especially the depression, anxiety, head pressure, DP/DR have gotten worse than at any time prior.  I know 6-7 months is technically still early but has anyone else had the experience of symptoms becoming worse a number of months after jumping, especially after a slow taper?  Maybe its just the cumulative effect of all this on my brain. 


I miss my old, even imperfect self.  This just can't be the "new me" emerging.  I'd really love some words of encouragment if anyone can offer them.  Thanks, Scott. 



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I know what you mean about the weakness.  I was too weak to nearly turn over in bed or brush my teeth when I was rapidly detoxed from Klonopin.  Everybody heals at a different rate, so don't feel the urge to compare yourself with others.


By the way, can you think of anything stressful you have been through lately that might have exacerbated these symptoms?


Wishing you well ...



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