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Hi guys.

Never even thought i would make it this far but here i am. Down to my last pinch of ativan, its taken almost a year to get here and i am very happy to be here. I have had major improvments in mood, physicaly, mentaly, no more ringing ears, itchy skin, the head pressure stuff has faded, socialy i am much better. Even my work performance has improved. Things are great right now and i know it can even get better as long as i get as far away from ativan as i possibly can.

I mix .25 ativan into 20 ml of water and today is my last ml. Am going to play with the last ml for another week by adding more water and cutting the last ml.

I can only hope things stay well but am well aware that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

I am very anxious for whats to come but trying not to look that far ahead, thoughts of lossing all progress and lossing everything doom and gloom style creep in and worry me alot but telling myself that thoughts like these are probably normal at this point of withdrawal helps sometimes.

Well see how it goes, wish me luck friends.


Wishing everyone the best.





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Hi Demetra.  You are doing wonderful!!  Based on what you state with the wds and how they have minimized, I don't think you are going to have wds the way most seem to.  Your key, a very slow taper.  I wish you the very best.  I know its scary making the jump, but you will be fine.  Keep us posted.  Pattylu
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