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Titration ?s


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I am foced to taper because i can get no help from doctors, Thats ok ive been helped more on BB then from anyone.Im going to spare everyone all the doctor visit stuff. Im a bit angry but i will get over it until i get well and then i will ralley the benzo warriors to make a difference in our world and get something done about this horrific drug  I need some help and will more then likely need help down the road. Im going to start titraiting next thursday March 1 Im not getting better with I/W and i dont believe i will. We all know are bodys to some degree and im sure i need to do this now. My teeth are starting to have a zing buz feeling now off and on just an added bennifet of xanax. I would like to know if Kian found a better suspention? also I plan to titrate normal dose for a week Does this sound right? Im thinkig  to start slow so since im already in I/W how much how fast how long to hold. Im still working but am prepare to stop working if i need to. So please all experienced titraters please help me. I have everything  even pipettes Thanks so much    PS If i go real slow is it risky for seizures?
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