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My battle against benzo addiction


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Hi, everybody!


I'm 34 years old and I was precribed Xanax, as well as antidepressant Paxetil and betablocker Inderall, around the year 2000 for a pathological anxiety situation. Xanax did a lot for me in the first two to three years until I started to experience side effects such as memory problems, palpitations, sleep disorders, a number of symptoms common to the body tolerance of benzos. I switched psychiatrist around 2005 and I was prescribed Valium, which I was supposed to reduce until I gradually stopped taking benzos, but I never could get below 10mg. I would experience panic attacks, muscle spasms, a tension, a stream of unpleasant thoughts, among other symptoms, until I began to accept the idea that it was impossible for me to live without benzos. Again, I decided to switch my psychiatrist and finally managed to gradually reduce and stop taking diazepam and I have been benzo free since October 2011. I found a lot of help through the internet in forums such as these and I'm here to share my experiences with you in hope that I can give back something to all of you who are struggling against benzo addiction and who wish to stop taking benzos and find an alternative for your ansiety or depression conditions. It's a hard road, a painful one, but it's a path you can cross if you choose to do so and if your will is strong. I wish the best of luck to all of you who are struggling to break free and hope I can be of some help to you.

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Welcoming you to Benzo Buddies.


Thanks for your encouraging words, as we can use them around here.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



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