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5-6 months off. What should I expect?


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One thing I've learned about benzo beyond is that I have no idea what to expect. The first month off was tolerable but things have gone down hill fast but think that process is quite normal. Yesterday I woke up feeling exhausted...I had a 19 hour shift the previous day. I did not sleep and began to realize that I could not remember anything.  I mean I coud nit remember a conversation I had 10 minutes earlier. This continued all day and I became quite scared since this was the first time I'd experienced something like this. This morning is a little better but I've nit been to sleep yet because I was up a night with cold/flu/allergy symptoms. My sinuses were so utter that it actually hurt and I was unable to breathe through my nose.


Anyway...enough about me.  I was hoping the 5-6 month crowd found chime in and tell me what they are experiencing.  While I take no comfort in hearing how others are suffering I do think we all feel better sharing our experiences through this nightmare we call benzo detox

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