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Dispite my continued fear of being mentally ill, I'm making good progress with my withdrawl.  I have all the classic symptoms, the same mombo jombo, but I'm keeping myself really busy. 


I'm sure when my tapper gets under 20mg-10mg's things will get harder.  And the first few months probebly won't be to fun either.

but then again i though by this time in my taper i'd be rocking back and forth in my room all day, so maybe it won't be as bad as I think it'll be.


I'll just have to go veryyyyyy slowwwwww


I thought i'd write in when things were going okay as well.  Its true that people don't really report on here the good things, i'm usually only drawn to this website when i'm in crisis.  So when ppl arn't posting or have gone away there probebly doing prety good.


thx's guys

take care

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It's great to hear from you, and congrats on progressing this far!  It is true, like you said, that the forum is used mostly for those who are in need at the time, so it's very encouraging to hear the positives.  I too did the crossover from Clonazepam to Diazepam and I am now 7 months off. Although I still have some tough days (I had a tough taper), I am finally seeing some very big improvement and am far more confident in my healing. 


Getting into the lower doses won't necessarily be more difficult.  For some, the s/x actually can lessen as they get lower.  I remember with my taper, I hit a couple of walls as i came down, but then the last few stages were actually not too bad.  My first week off was very difficult, but I pulled through and by week 2 some feelings had already subsided a little. 


Thank you for taking the time to post how you are doing.  This isn't always an easy process for many of us, but there is much proof from former members that things do in fact get better.  I am beginning to really see the evidence of that. 


Hang in there...all my best,


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Heyyy..thxs guys,  ya if we had ppl reporting all of there healing then im sure the positive post would out weigh the negatives.


Thxs schatje, thats encouraging things can actuall get easier as I decrese more, I never really considered that out come.


Its actually funny because today was a toughet one. Lol

It always seems to be that way......its mostly just my thoughts and worrying

Doing better now though


Have a good one

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