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im pickin up bad vibrations


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"Bad Vibrations". Someone please tell me the inner vibrations will stop. The inner vibrations are nonstop-the worst. Has anyone come across any stories of people with inner vibration's who have recovered? Ashton manual lists inner vibrations as a possible symptom that could be permanent. My teeth are also always vibrating.


Insomnia is bad, but I'll use it as positive. I can get tons of work done @ 4am. 


Motor skills are shot with a hint of stress.


Im so thin, never hungry and always thirsty!


I wish I could give some words of encouragement, but I'm only two weeks with symptoms.


A little bit about me- I run sales for a large company.


I'm in a high stress job and meetings are becoming impossible. I can hardly concentrate because of the mistakes I've made with benzos, hard to focus on a P&L statement when my body is vibrating on the inside. Reaching for a glass of water during a meeting is impossible. Grammar and spelling is shot.


I've looked on the forum for stories about vibration and recovery and cant seem to find any. Any words of encouragement would be great.



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I had vibrations at times during and after my taper.  Usually they were upon waking, but I also had shakes at other times during the day.  These have improved and I almost never get them.  Two weeks out is fairly early.


Do you get them 100% of the time?  If not, try to see how often you get them over time.  If they start to become less frequent that is a good sign.

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My teeth chattering is mostly gone, it will come back when I get anxious though... I also still struggle with fine motor skills an inner vibration when I stand too long and try to do something like the dishes. It is getting better though. Hope it passes quickly for you.
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Omg I had Vibrations from day one of my c/t w/d..

It was internally and felt like literly I was Vibrateing expecially in my legs.

It felt as if there was a huge flow of adrenaline pumping through my entire body and I felt it vibrateing expecially when I was laying down.This was so not cool and I was not likeing it.It didnt hurt just super strange. I just wanted to say its so common in this and not to get to worried it will resume back to normal again.All of this will. Im now 100% healed and I no longer have this.


Hang in there and good luck



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