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Hi everyone


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I'm a 48 yr old woman who has been on clonopin since about 1990.  (I'm also on Lexapro 20 mg daily and take Xanax only occasionally, like for a flight.)  At one time, I was up to 4 mg/day of clonopin, but I have weaned myself down to 1.5 mg/day.  Getting past this has been the tough part, b/c of rebound anxiety.  I would love to be free of clonopin by the time I am 50 - or ever - as I am sick of it ruling my life. 


At the present time, I'm having trouble even finding a doctor in my insurance plan to keep prescribing the stuff - which is bad b/c you all know I can't stop cold turkey!


Anyway, I look forward to your encouragement and advice toward achieving my goal, and I hope you all succeed in your efforts, as well!

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Hi emkbb, welcome to BenzoBuddies


I'm sorry that you are struggling right now, I hope we can ease some of your discomfort. Yes, I would be important to have a doctor on board and help you with a taper plan, we can help and support you on that too. Let us know how we can help.


I'm glad you founds us, welcome aboard.



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Hi and welcome to BenzoBuddies, emkbb.


You have really done great to get down to 1.5mg/day from 4mg on your own.  Could you give us an idea of how you did that, the timeframe and all?  Maybe you just need to hold where you are for a few weeks and then make smaller reductions.  Tapering off a benzo is never easy but hopefully we can help you make it tolerable.


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The way I tapered myself from 4 mg to 1.25 mg klonopin was: 


.25 less klonopin one day a week for a week or two, then

.25 less klonopin two days a week for a week or two, etc.


Once I was down a full .25 mg, I would hold at that until I felt really good consistently (a few months later), then start again.  It took a while, but I kept moving forward as best I could.  There were some rough patches, and my former dr was no help at all.


Now that I am down to 1.25 mg, I am seeking a new dr's help to crossover to Valium and make smaller cuts per Ashton.

I don't care how long it takes, but it is my life goal to be benzo free!


I know everyone is different, but is it likely that the symptoms I've usually had will be what I'll continue to have, or am I probably in for something new?

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Hi emkbb,


Maybe if you were able to go into a or many insurance approved doctor, well armed with information on where you've been on this drug where your at and the rest of your planned taper, the doctor may be able to see that your serious and dedicated to getting off the benzodiazepines. Of course it wouldn't hurt to bring in a supportive family member or friend.


I hope you can get this straightened out with the doctors!


Welcome to benzobuddies!


On The Mend

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