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weight loss with valium taper


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Thought I throw this out there to see if anyone has experienced this. I have crossovered from Klonopin to Valium and presently on 8 mg 3 in am , 5 at night. Taking slow cuts .5 mg every 2-3 weeks. I am actually sleeping through the night. I do awaken with knawing stomach pain that will sometime go away in the morning and sometimes persist during the day. As soon as I open my eyes it it there but not when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. (  I do take Lansprazole- generic prevacid when I am symptomatic). If my stomach feels fine I  usualy will skip the dose. I have only had gastritis before when I have been on meds( benzos or an antidepressant- the stuff seems to tear up my stomach). When I am off all of these meds, my stomach is fine.

I just started trying to get back to some exercise. Mostly walking and took a dance class yesterday. ( I find anything more than light exertion and I pay for it. I am not in the shape I was pre benzos for sure( about 2 years ago). My apetite and intake has been the same but I have noticed that I am dropping weight, not on purpose. I don't feel anxious but i do have symptoms of withdrawal that come and go( bounding heartrate without exertion, some muscle aches improving with the taper, general lack of energy off and on,( not like when I was on the full dose of Klonopin), no heart palpitations in awhile, have soem days when I feel jittery ( not shaky but just a feeling of tremulousness about day 3-5 during my taper that resurfaces about day 10-16 most of the time) I have had a few friends comment that I look thinner. I am not underweight at this point but comments from others have made me more aware of it. I don't have a body image concerns and eat healthfully in general for years.



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