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Back in a silly situation, but preparing to taper this time


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Basically, a few years back i struggled with many addictions, some gabaminergic, and of other sorts as well.


I got to a mad stage taking loads of benzos throughout the day every day for around 6 months, and when i couldnt get any more, i ended up spending 4 days in hospital having seizures, and after that i just went cold turkey and got clean from everything.


Last Summer, i stupidly ordered some etizolam (1mg) from the internet as i was having issues sleeping, and after the first ten, i ended up ordering 100! I was taking maybe 2-3 a night, so lasted for around 40 nights use, and then when i ran out, sure enough.... i had a seizure and injured myself, yet knew how to deal with it due to the past experience, so i drank cans of beer at points of the day that week to subside the gabaminergic withdrawal shakes, etc. and make it more managable.


Having said that, you'd have thought i'd have learnt my lesson! Had difficulty sleeping at the beginning of this year, and i ordered a further 10 pills.... took 2 a night, ended up ordering another 20 and took 2 a night, by the end of that 2 week period, over which i'd only consumed 30 tablets, after around 30 hours from last taking them, i started getting slight jolts (shakes, and uncontrolable muscle twitches, which usually preceeded my seizures in the past) luckily enough though i just spent a few days in bed, had the occasional beer to help me sleep, and that withdrawal wasnt too bad.


.... here's where it gets really silly! About 2 weeks ago, i got very drunk and coming home thought it'd be a good idea to order 60 more etizolam! I should have just binned them when they got here, but thought i'd just keep them about for occasional use when i couldnt sleep.... 10 days now since they arrived and i've only got around 25 left! I have taken around 3-4 a night recently.


Having had my past experiences of running out and having seizures, i figure since i've got 25 left, i can do a taper down so i can just smoothly stop without having any shakes, etc. 


Was wondering if anyone could give me advice on what sort of dosages i should taper down with, and at what rate. Even though it has only been a short run of use this time, it seems i'm more prone to the withdrawal symptoms, and seizures etc. due to my past abuse, so just want to be safe rather than sorry.


Your advice is appreciated

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