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Feeling very down.


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I don't know how life will ever return back to normal. I haven't had a single window from the dp/dr since I began my taper and jumped. I feel so lost. The dp/dr has become all consuming. I was told by my doctor that because I was only taking .5mg a day of Xanax that I'd be fine. Is it really possible for .5mg a day taken daily for three year to cause this much suffering? Perhaps it wouldn't have been as bad had I not come off paxil just last year. My withdrawal off paxil was excruciating. I can't be sure that it's over. Both benzo's and SSRIs can be very similar. Though in all the suffering the paxil put me through I never experienced anything like this. Words can't fully describe what I'm going through. I'm feeling so betean down by this whole situation. I don't know where I went wrong. I don't know how my life came to this. It's so overwhelming and so sad. I pray one day that I'll come out of this and be able to help others through this exact same thing, but that just doesn't seem possible anymore.
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