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ativan taper


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Bill here

wishing to try and taper off ativan

had a dx of parkinsons a year ago and it was started for anxiety,

and it is still considered for that but thats much better.

reading methods...do you need a 'covering longer acting benzo?

what if i do 1/2 mg  which is what im taking now...usually twice or 3 times a day

and take it slow taper over a few months?

am 60, and on celexa and buspar

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Hi Wakefield, welcome to BenzoBuddies


It's entirely possible to come straight off Ativan, many have. Some find it easier to cross over to Valium because it has a longer half-life. It's best to have your doctor on board with you, do you have a taper schedule in mind? It's generally suggested to cut by 5 to 10 % every week or two depending on how you feel, it's all individual. We can support you along the way, you're not alone.


Make yourself at home and feel free to ask questions,



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