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Making obviously wrong decisions


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My income could well be halved, and if so, my flat may be reposessed as I will no longer be able to pay the mortgage.


I have an asbestos paper layer on my concrete kitchen floor, which a company tried to remove for me.


Before they started, they warned there may be a tiny residue but said they would put PVA on to seal that up. It cost £720 for complete removal.


They tried as hard as possible to remove the asbestos layer, for a few hours but they could not remove it.


They told me that they were un-satisfied with the amount of asbestos still left on the floor, and they were no longer happy just to put PVA on.


They rang their manager and the manager as to where to go from here, and after speaking to him, they gave me two options.


1) At no extra cost to me, they would come back another day, totally remove the asbstos by scraping the top layer of concrete off and the problem would be totally gone.


2)Paint a layer of rubber paint on to seal it.


I chose option 2 because I had a carpet fitter coming to fit more flooring on the day after.


The day after, I was really upset, because I wish I had chosen option 1.

If I get my house reposessed and it is sold at auction, as the asbestos is still, there, albeit sealed and safe, the presence of asbestos would bring the value of the house down.

This could mean that the auction sale price is less than the remaining mortgage I have left to pay. ( i did some figurework before the asbestos men came)

This will mean that I may have a debt of several thousand pounds which I will not be able to pay.

Getting the asbestos removed at no extra cost could have avoided all of this.


Even though I chose option 2, the contractors said they were worried that I would be unhappy with just painting a rubber seal on the floor.

The new lino is stuck down, and if it is taken up in future, it will break the rubber seal exposing the asbestos.


I missed a golden opportunity to get it all removed and, thus, lose less money if  I am forced to leave my house.


The whole point of getting the asbestos removal men in was to take it away, and they were going to scrape the top layer of concrete off at no extra cost. This would normally cost about £3000.

They did not expect to be unable to get rid of all the asbestos which is why they offered to scrape the floor and remove it all for no extra cost.


Since the middle of last week, I have been so gutted at the stupid decision I seem to have given up. I have not eaten much, not washed, not gone out, hell, not even got up out of bed.


Can benzo withdrawals cause you to make obviously wrong and expensive decisions?





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I think benzo withdrawal has the potential to impair our decision making.  I have been careless about expenses while in tolerance and during tapering.  I used to be very careful about how I spent my money.


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I also get in situations where I don't know what to do, and end up making the wrong decision.

I act impulsively and regret my actions because they have bad consequences.

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