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Hi I am new to the forum and will give some backgroung


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I was on ativan for about 5 years at 2mg and then took about 2 years to get to .8mg. It was hell on and off. I would be great for weeks and then completely in terror, anxiety and depression for a week where It was 100% unmanageable and desperate and then I would pop out of it and be good. I had tried the C/O with Valium but i couldn't take it. I have read that there is a receptor that atvian hits that Valium doesn't and for me that difference was to much and the withdrawals at the equivalentdoes was way to much. I then was stuck at .8mg of ativan for about a year and finally went to a sauna rehab center to try and get off the rest of the ativan through sauna, supplements, detox and special diet. I was there 2 months and got down to .3mg and was good until .4mg and since then almost 3 months ago I have been in a brutal spot where I am mostly in desperation with a few small breaks of a day here and a day there where I can feel a little okay. It is hell and the program did help but the withdrawals caught up to me and I am trying to stabilize but so don't want to go back up at all. I also am on 200mg of lamictal and want off that badly but heard it is also a nightmare to get off. I am here for support, caring and hope as well as advice to get through this.

One question, if things get way to much does going up help and then doing a much slower taper? I don't want to but having that in the back pocket would help me at least feel i have an out if need be. Also if so how much to go back up to. That is really a last resort for me.


PS: how do I list my drugs and everything that other people have?



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Hi and welcome to Benzo Buddies.


I'm sorry you're having a time of it, tapering the Benzo.

Usually up-dosing doesn't help many peopla, and some it may for a little while.

Tolerance withdrawal usually settles in.

You could hold your dose until you get stabilized and then cut 10% every week or two, as a rule of thumb.

Others will be along to weigh in as well.


This is how you add a signature: http://www.benzobuddies.org/forum/index.php?topic=9432.0


You will find plenty of support and information here on the forum.




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Welcome aboard, Shift.  I personally suggest a slow taper.  Most people taper at 5-10% of their current dosage every 10-14 days.  I have had to go slower, however.  My doctor recommended cutting by .125 mg. of Klonopin once per month.


Oh, in regards to your signature, you can add all of your medicine info. there.  Go to "Profile" and then "Forum Profile" to add it.


Wishing you well ...

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Hey Shift


Welcome to benzo buddies world you will get lots of support but to get that get involved it helped me out and i have made some awesomely supportive friends and you will too.


Sounds like you have had a rough time look forward to hearing more of your story.  when you get settled you can start a blog if you want share whats happening for you and get some support.



Lizzy :)

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Hello Shift :hug:


Welcome to the forum, you have done an excellent job so far well done

Keep posting you will get a lot of support here


Margarita :)

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