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What is emotional flatness


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Hey all,


One of my worst symptoms is emotional flatness/blunting...nothing is funny to me and I talk in a monotone kinda somber voice, so I call it emotional flatness.  But really I have no idea what it is or why it happens.


Unlike many other symtoms like anxiety and depression, I can't relate to emotional flatness.  I had never even heard that this could happen to people.


Is this a major symptom for anyone?  What do you make of it?





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I had no idea what this was unti after I went to therapy for several months and started doing some research on the web!  I kept telling her that I felt nothing, flat, zero, no emotions.  Void.  I even told her I thought it might be the Lorazepam, but she could not relate!  Yes, not feeling that things are funny, sad, etc is part of the symptoms.  At least for me it is.  I miss that a lot and can't wait to "feel" again!!  It's awful not being able to have emotions. 



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