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Remeron Users - Questions


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I have pre-existing Major Depressive Disorder (Treatment Resistant Depression) that is unrelated to BZD w/d. Due to complications in my taper, I have gotten very ill and am only able to eat a liquid diet, and am taking Phenergan to aid with severe nausea. I have had to reinstate my dosage of Klonopin (1 mg) and will eventually raise the dose to 2 mg in order to help with the nausea, as some BZDs can act as anti-emetics.


I am under the care of a GP, Pharm-D, and P-doc, who are closely monitoring my situation!


I am currently taking an MAOI for MDD/TRD, and it has been pretty effective. One thought my GP/Pharm-D considered was possibly switching the MAOI out for something like Remeron, which is an appetite stimulant, anti-emetic, and anti-depressant.


I will not be making any changes to my medications without consulting with my doctors. Any thoughts you share here are mainly for my own interest, as I know my doctors understand MY medical situation, etc. best. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I want opinions, I just don't want anyone to feel responsible for sharing anything, if I try it and it doesn't work out (because the choice will be between my doctor and I).


I need to be on an AD for my health. I am wondering if anyone has used Remeron with success in treating severe MDD. I recognize efficacy greatly varies between patient to patient. I see a lot of positives with switching to the Remeron, and my p-doc will be very well educated in whether it will be a good choice for me. I am just curious on experiences others had with Remeron and severe MDD/TRD - if it helped, did it give benefit?


I tolerate ADs fairly well, so I can deal with any discomfort that starts in the first few weeks of starting an AD. I also believe that ADs work, as they have worked for me, and have saved my life.


Thank you for any feedback.


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