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finally a Dr that at least took the time to listen


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Yesterday I had to see my staff health physician due to a problem totally unrelatd to benzo withdrawal and decided I would ask for his opinion. I tried to ensure some sort of pt Dr confidentiality as I did not want this information given to my manager in any way. He explained to me the circle of care process that did not in any way involve my manager only the professionals involved in my care. So , I started in on my whole benzo story of the last 20 yrs and he really listened,did say I was dependent not addicted, seemed shocked that different professionals inclusing my Dr would suggest a quick taper and agreed that very few gps understand any type of substance use withdrawal. He felt my method of slow water titration was excellent. Had not heard of the ashton manual but thought he might look at it online. Then started to give me the health teaching about sleep hygiene which I told him I know all about and practice faithfully, he also suggested a sleep study to which I replied would be useless while still taking a benzo, he agreed  and that was something to deal with down the road if my insomnia continues. Finally someone at least listened to me Ladygrace
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