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need helping looking for a success story!!!


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I was wondering if anyone knows any links to success stories that involve psycwards or misdiagnoses, things like that


low bottom cases, people who really struggled with this



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Hi meth -


I haven’t posted a success story yet, but I am well on my way to it. Maybe in a few months. Over the years, I was misdiagnosed with all kinds of things - panic disorder, anxiety disorders, major depressive disorder, etc. The problem during the whole time was booze - made me appear to have a mental disorder.


Anyway, I drank for 40 years and was on Klonopin for 13 of those years. I’ve probably taken 20 different anti-depressants, a few anti-psychotics, plus some other “experimental” things. All of these meds only added to my misery. In early 2010, I was admitted to the psych hospital because I was suicidally depressed. I was c/t’d there from 4 mg K and tortured with two or three different ADs. They also thought that ECT may be the answer so I endured four of those treatments. When I stumbled out of that place three weeks later, I was less than a zombie. Death seemed certain and desirable. Wellness wasn’t even a part of my thinking.


I have written about much of my journey in my blog.




I would have started a blog earlier but didn’t discover BB until I was already well into mending. In many ways, I believe it reads like a success story. It's the prelude to my success story. I'm hoping the success story won't be much longer - but "time" is the big variable in this battle.


You can get through this. I thought I was doomed, but life is getting to be excellent now - more so than it ever was.




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