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Think I'm in a Stable Place--Help with the Traz End; what about lexapro?


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On 0.25 clon, 150-200 mgs traz (down from 300 not working in a homeless shelter situation--way overstimulating) and, for the last three weeks, 20 mgs citalopram daily. I think the last drug--whis has been talked up by acquaintences as helpful for social anxiety D/O, which i have in spades, hence 20+ years on clon). Not working. massive brain fog, and whenever anxiety gets too bad, I pop a 400 mg gabapentin (Neurontin, which I never had trouble stopping until recently, perhaps after learning that others experienced W/D symptoms). The citalopram seems to increase my anxiety levels when out in public; otherwise, am not doing too poorly. Staying with a friend, in a pleasant attic, on a futon mattress on the floor. It's okay, and pretty quiet.


should I continue to hang around 200 with the traz, or make another cut and go with the sleep difficulty, see if it resolves? going to have to purchase a mortar and pestle and crush the clon, when i cut to 0.0125. Would ultimately like to lose the traz first, or get down to about fifty mgs (the memory lapses suck, and are complicated by aging-female hormonal issues, as well as a long hx of alcohol and drug abuse), and then start seriously on the clon, and do the traz concomitant, or last. That's my vague plan. doc doesn't have that in writing, and is accommodating enough, but is also a professor emeritus of psychiatry. He may be replaced by someone not as benzo-friendly.


I have no idea of what my mind will look like, how it will function (would love to be in an imaged study of this kind of thing), and alla that, once the substances are gone. Kind of scared, actually--the c/ts from 2 mg/d were h*llish, something I do not wish to repeat.Have come to believe that some ppl are GABA-deficient from early on, and that I am one of those.


Ideas always welcome.



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