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How symptoms change each month


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Month 4 is almost over for me and this particular mont brought on an entirely new set of symptoms I never expected. While some symps decreased I did experience a major increase in others


Those that improved were:


Blurry vision


Energy but slightly


Those that increased were:

Dental pain like never before

AM anxiety


Eye floaters

Extreme allergies

Crippling GI issues like gas pain, constipation, indigestion

Hands/feet are ice cold and sting or tingle.

Rage. The smallest thing sends me into orbit but I never show this in front of the wife/kids.

Nasal congestion so bad at time I can barely breathe

Now it seems I'm also developing some symptoms similar to hypoglycemia. When I wake up each morning anxiety is out of control but if I eat something with sugar I begin to calm down and my mind clears up but only for a few short hours


Anyway...month 5 begins on Feb 18 and I'm scared to death at what that month will bring. What were you 4 Mth symptoms?


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Rage,, oh boy do I remember rage. It would come on whenever it felt like it. Very uncontrollable.


I managed to steer that rage towards inanimate objects. Everything I broke or smashed was replaceable. I did whatever I could to keep my sanity when it took over.


I haven't had one of those episodes for quite a while now. I hope it's over, FOREVER!


It was very hard to understand too, because I've always been a very peaceful person.



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