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Now…Gabapentin question:

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous questions.

Now thinking about the Gabapentin for anxiety. I took it before but in combination with 2 others so can’t determine if it was beneficial.

Anyone with success for anxiety and overall mood improvement? 

Does it work quickly?

As always, thank you ☺️ 

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Hello @[Ma...],

I think it works quickly. 

But, search the forum before taking it. You may need to up the dose to reach the same effect quite quickly, it can cause some uncomfortable drowsiness, itself has to be tapered. 

I personally did not like it, but that's only my experience. 

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I can remember when I last withdrew from clonazapam the hospital did it abruptly I was in a panic haze it was Christmas Eve and my gp rang and said can you get down to the surgery I was I a right state wet through cos it was raining my clothes were discheveled I was clean but my mind was on the gas pedal any way he put me on a 600mg pregablin small amount of valium and sleeping tablets which I only took them for a few nights I not slept for months think I was manic but the pregablin was a life aver at the time.....and helped the withdrawal which I didn't know about and here I am back on them but longer this time.....so stuck on my own as my gp left and the one I've got now is a nasty piece of work was going to swear then but had second thoughts lol but the pregablin worked but I was in a dire situation I'm on it again now but it's not helping I preferred gaba but don't take my word for it 🤔

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@[Ma...], I would definitely try the Search function. Over the years we’ve had many threads about gabapentin. This is a meditation has to be tapered when wishing to stop taking it. I have no personal experience, I was given it once after surgery but vomited after taking it. It was a one and done for me.

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