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Anyone eles is dealing really bad benzobelly?


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Hi everyone, 

Well my next issues im dealing with now is sensitive stomach, is this benzobelly??? I cant move around too much or tense my abdomen area it will put me in a discomfort,  nausea, gagging,  some pain, breathing, even now im so very sensitive to foods now. I lost my appetite now,  i was getting my appetite back and gaining weight,  now im back to before. Its like the level went up 10x. The only relief that gives me is to lay down and do nothing. I put a ice cold rag on my stomach to relax and calm me down. This is a really bad wave for me if this is one. This is scaring me because its affecting me at work and home. Its like body is taking turns with all this different symptoms every week. Something different is next. Any input is appreciated.

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I am dealing with some crazy stuff with my belly, abdomen also,,,,,,My last dose of any benzo was 7.5mo ago and it seems to be getting worse here is what I feel



-almost like its filled up

- when I eat it gets worse

- feel like I have something wrapped around, squeezing my torso

-feel like I cant breathe properly


This seems to be systemic and not limited because my head, neck jaw are really sore and tense

My arms and legs seem to be floppy

I feel like I am moving and the ground isnt steady, dizzyish and drunken

hard to be around people, dont feel calm, feel kinda agitated and unsettled


these are just some things,,,,


what kind of dose and length of time were you on?


hit me up if you wanna chat


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