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Biggest wave yet at 15 months, and 3 days long.


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Just as I was starting to make progress and go for a longer and longer walk, and pushing myself to go further and further each time, I got a major setback that lasted 3 days and it was some of the worst symptoms in the entire last 15 months.


I got stuck inside for 3 days with agoraphobia and couldn't even go for walks anymore, and I was completely bed-bound and stuff my face with food out of anxiety and symptoms. All I did was suffer and burn up and get really paranoid for 3 days straight.


I had gone to the dentist a couple times and moved into a new place a couple weeks ago, and the dentist gave me some numbing stuff in my gums. And then I started going for extremely long walks. So I'm not sure what set this wave off or if it was a combination.


All I know is oh, it was extreme. A 3-day long-wave at its most extreme, at 15 months is not fun.

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It is so disappointing JustInTime.  I'm 20 months and have been in a wave for about a week.  Starting to lift today.  I dont know what caused it.  Maybe Vitamin D?  But maybe that's just a coincidence.  Seems lots of people go through windows and waves, even this far out.  Just got to keep going because I know I was improving. 


Most disappointing, but onwards we push. 




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Oh but look at the progress you've made!! I'll tell you this again..I seriously see a difference in you by the way you write - totally different from 7 months ago!

Sorry this wave was rough..but you are def healing.

You are crazy resilient..yo've had a rollercoaster of events through all this and you're still standing.. :thumbsup:

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Yes these waves going on this many months out is disappointing, but all we can do is keep going. At least I'm not stuck in acute withdrawal anymore I don't think. It's hard to tell what's going on these days, it's almost one big confused state.


I wish there was a way to look at the comments while typing response, but whoever said they're still going through it at 3 years off, sorry to hear that. I've been hoping that I would be completely healed within 2 years or 3 years at the most.


Sometimes I wonder if my primidone and Propranolol is holding up my progress but I guess there's no way of knowing. The symptoms may not be as severe most of the time as the beginning of this process, but the longer it goes on the more difficult.

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Justintime:  did you take any antibiotics prior to or after your dental procedure?  Just curious since I know for sure that

the antibiotics that I took before two different dental procedures nearly killed me.  These events happened while I was still

taking 2 mg clonazepam daily but know I am still very sensitive to any negative modulator.  I'm 18 months post jumped and

I am experiencing the same crazy random waves, some worse that late taper or post jump.  :crazy:


Thanks for your thoughts,



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Hey, I don't know if they gave me antibiotics or not. Sometimes they will put them in a syringe along with the numbing stuff but he didn't say anything about it. But it definitely threw me into a huge wave whatever they did, whether it was just the stress or the shot.


I'm almost 16 months off of my cold turkey from Klonopin and it is still hell on Earth on most days , but it's improving.

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