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Learning to live without chemical crutches


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Hi all,


Lifelong sufferer of anxiety and depression. I’ve been an addict to food and various drugs and alcohol in my lifetime. I was placed on Xanax at the age of 25 for panic disorder, which destroyed my life in my formative years after college. I cold turkeyed the meds after perhaps 5 months, as they weren’t helping, only hurting. I’m now extremely sensitive to many chemical substances, and am experiencing a setback years later due to daily marijuana abuse. I’m one year substance free, but still struggling. I’m starting to realize there are likely nutritional and genetic reasons behind my anxiety and depression, and I’m working hard to heal my body while I rest and recover.


Healing is my job, and I look forward to sharing my support and love with those here that are struggling with mental and physical health disorders. I also want those who have a history of substance abuse that there is a life without drugs. We can all heal, I truly believe that.

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Hello beingthere, welcome to BenzoBuddies.


It sounds like you've faced many challenges in life and have grown stronger because of them, life's lessons while difficult are great teachers. 


We're happy you found us and look forward to your contributions, I won't give you any links to direct you around the forum since you aren't currently suffering through withdrawal, I'll just let you explore until you find a post which speaks to you.


If you do have questions though, feel free to ask.



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