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Valium Journey from Taper to Post Withdrawal


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After passing out and hitting my head on a nightstand in May of 2018, I began a journey of unrelenting headaches and a myriad of other strange symptoms, eventually leading to three surgeries and a 14 month use of Valium. Valium was originally prescribed by a neurologist for the headaches which I took on and off for 14 months for the headaches, insomnia, and pre-surgery.  I tapered from 5 mg over a period of 4 months, and just “celebrated” six months off.  Currently in a window/wave pattern with main symptoms manifesting as head pain, head pressure, back and neck pain, and IBS issues.  Have been following BB’s for several months and find much comfort and support from fellow sufferers! 
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Gardenguru: Welcome!!!


Congrats on being 6 months free! I see you're still in the throes of recovering from the meds, but I'm glad to hear you didn't CT or do a crazy fast taper. Glad you gave yourself some time to reduce.


Since you've been familiar with the site for a few months I'm not going to provide many links at this time.

Just let us know if y9ou need anything specific and we'll try to guide you.


Maybe in the meantime you can creat a signature that states your med, dosage/taper history and months off? I know you stated it in this intro, but creating a signature ensures it shows up with any of your posts and others can assist you by better understanding where you're at:)


Add your history/signature


Speedy healing!!

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