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PTSD hospitals, drs and or therapist and family


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Ive got this bad. between my symptoms and the trauma of this in itself there is the abuse i have recieved at the hands of drs. therapists and family all while in hell. i call it abuse bc it was the exact nazi polar opposite of "care"
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try to find a therapist who is more holistic in their approach and not invested in psyche drugs, and one that is schooled in trauma therapy as well as emdr. They are usually more receptive to this benzo stuff we're going through, and this type of therapy is far more successful that your basic CBT type.

I have one that I see once a month and it has made a world of difference for me.


I feel you would really benefit from someone like this where you can empty your soul and get the support you need. :smitten:

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boy, you might start here looking for a therapist. Or, you can ask around in your community. I started at my county's Mental Health dep't and ended up with a good one. She didn't work for the county, but ppl knew and recommended her. Or, your PPC might be able to recommend someone.




Best to you.







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