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head pressure- my most persistent symptom/buddy


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Has anyone ever experienced the head pressure specifically in the sinus and throat area? I am producing a lot of mucus that feels like it gets caught in my sinus or drips down my throat. Sometimes I feel a very powerful gag reflex that starts with coughing and ends with what feels like the initial stages of choking. It wakes me up at night or when I lay down.


It's very frightening and I have to rely on the fact that nothing harmful ever happens, but this is hard to deal with day in and out. I'm seeing my ENT tomorrow and just wanted any feedback from the community. Sinusitus???? Haven't had a fever so I don't believe it's an infection.


I have read that the construction of capilaries is the culprit for the feeling of head pressure. Blood trying to rush through spaces that are too small. It lasts a good while and when it subsists, it usually takes any feelings of anxiety with it. I typically go into a window when it vanishes completely. But so fat it always comes back.



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