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Agoraphobic but need hospital tests. High anxiety etc!


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Hello All


I have been suffering from stomach problems an my GP wants me to go for a test at the hospital.


I am not majorly concerned about the procedure. However, my anxiety has gone through the roof at the though of going to the hospital because I am agoraphobic because of the benzos. I am more scared about leaving my home than the tests. I am getting very anxious. I have palpitations, sweating and extreme tight sore muscles all over my body. Also an internal shaking feeling.



This is a crazy situation to be in. The medical staff seem puzzled and so do my family. They just don't understand the benzo effects.


Any advice or similar experiences to share would be much appreciated.


Thank you

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I'm sorry that sounds terrible. I get nervous going to the dr. too. It all gets so overwhelming with the sx. Can so done go with you? sometimes I say to myself, I'm not scared, I'm safe if I have anxiety or pass out at least I'm safe with drs. They see sick ppl. All the time. It does help me. They are not judging you. Just tell them you have anxiety and get it done and come back home. You will be ok.
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I totally understand, SAM10.  I'd suggest reminding yourself you are a sympathetic figure and IF you feel your anxiety is evident at any time, just explain about the benzo.  But if you're anything like me, your anxiety won't be evident and you'll endure the whole ordeal better than you expected.  You may even feel exhilerated by your success when it's all over, but of course not give yourself any credit for it.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  Few understand how much courage it takes.  Do give yourself credit! 









2005 to 2020:  one-quarter (0.125 mg) of 0.5 mg Klonopin pills a few times a month for occasional panic disorder.


Spring 2020:  same random use as above.  Anxieties worse. 


Late spring 2020:  same 0.125 mg dose on daily basis.  Anxieties worse w/panic attacks. 


Early summer 2020 :  0.125 mg twice daily (0.25 mg total.)  More panic attacks, anxieties, depression.


July 2020:  QUIT SMOKING.  Virtual meltdown, decided to quit Klonopin, cut dose in half to 0.125 mg.  Acute withdrawal panic attacks.  Upped Klonopin to 0.625 mg for one day in 5 doses of 0.125 mg each.  NEXT DAY - cut to 0.5 mg in 4 doses of 0.125 mg each.


August 2020:  somehow settled into 0.375 daily divided into 6 doses of 0.0625 mg each.  Complete agony of daily waves of panic, severe depression and insomnia through August into September. 



9/4/20 - from 0.375 mg/day to 0.343

9/15/20 - from 0.343 mg/day to 0.312


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I listened to a comfort song over and over for a couple of days before a hospital test - a MRI. When they slid me in the tunnel I thought of the song, and it looped over and over in my head during the test. If I started to drift back to where I was and the test, I'd just sing the song again to myself in my head. Since w/d tended to make sounds loop anyway, this worked out. Not sure if it will work for anyone else, but I really didn't think I'd be able to stay in that tube for the test, but I did it.
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