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When did you start eating whatever you want


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For those that were affected by food and have had to have a very restricted diet...when did you start eating what you want again..


What about coffee and sugar were you able to also incorporate these items?

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After about 8 months I could start adding stuff back in.

I didnt do caffeine before benzos..so I still don't.

But totally able to eat sugar again!

Now 15 months off and chocolate is glorious!!!

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Everyone is a bit different. In my 7th month now...


I can tolerate 2 sips of coffee in the morning (but def no more!)


I can have a bit of gluten now..but not every meal.


I can have a bit of dairy too..again not a lot.


Sugar I still try to avoid as I feel it - it makes my neck muscles tight and goes right to my head.


Preservatives go right to my head too.


Def no alcohol or fermented foods. I can tolerate a bit of vinagrette dressing (like a teaspoon or two).


Just discovered I can do a very small amount of certain vitamins (baby amt).


So i prefer to eat whole organic foods, focusing on foods for brain health. Lots of water.

Hope this helps!!


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I waited until about 18 months off to start to introduce food/drink I would touch while I was in my healing/recovery period.


Today I can eat and drink whatever I want, but because I am trying to be as healthy as possible I try to eat as "clean" as possible.

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