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What would YOU do? (no not the John Quinones show)..:):)


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I need some sage opinions from folks out there who have been down this road at least once (maybe more) times before..


So I've been tapering Xanax since 3/5/20 from 3 mg..usually cutting about .125 every 10 days or so..but I believe I have hit a "mental roadblock" :idiot: at my .75 mg..:/..As you know, when one gets to a lower mg dosage, the "cuts" result in higher percentages of the drug NOT being consumed. A cut from .75 to .625 is about 17%"ish"...I have been sitting at this .75 since mid-July!!! argh!!..


It seems like such a small dose of drug and I feel fine on the .75  BUT am hesitant now to cut any further..so am stagnating..:)(chicken)  :-\


Have any of you hit a WALL when it comes 2 lowering ur dosages in ur tapers?..If so, how did u get around NOT being afraid to cut??..am thinking that I'm at such a low dose per day that MAYBE I won't notice the .125 reduction to .625..


If I CT'ed at this .75mg level, do you feel that I would notice it?


Hence, the subject line:  What would you do?...:)


Much thanks in advance 4 any opines, either positive or negative.. :smitten:


Cinna 8)

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