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Looking to Conquer Insomnia without Meds


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Have had trouble with insomnia for 5 years. Tried every "natural" remedy and lots of "sleep hygiene" approaches to no avail. Initially was on ambien, tapered off that and was prescribed klonopin .5mg and Zoloft; that was a disaster.  Got off both zoloft and tapered off klonopin and transitioned to trazodone 25mg for 3.5 years which worked great but it stopped working in June 2020.  Tried CBD oil but that did not work well.  Was put on Xanax .5mg and low dose lexapro (5mg; 10mg causes bad side effects) to help with anxiety and depression which I believe is caused by the insomnia.  So now decided to try guided cognitive based therapy with a real therapist as an alternative to benzos, "z" meds and other pharmacological approaches to hopefully finally conquer my insomnia issues.  Have been on .25mg Xanax for 3 months and want to taper off safely and effectively while doing CBT.  I understand .25mg is a low dose but given the properties of Xanax (short acting) am thinking guidance would be very helpful.  Looking forward to being part of the conversation - thank you!
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Hello Scuba39, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I'm so glad to hear you want to taper off of the Xanax, by the way, I don't consider any dose small, these are powerful drugs!  Can you tell us if you experienced any withdrawal symptoms when you tapered from the Ambien and Klonopin, this will determine what your taper from the Xanax might look like.


We typically suggest 5-10% of your dose every week to 10 days or whatever your symptoms will allow, you can find the taper methods we support here: Planning your taper (Taper Plans)


If you'd like to talk with others going through this please start a thread on the Withdrawal Support (during your taper) board.


Let us know how we can help, and again, I'm so glad you're looking for other ways to manage your insomnia, dependence on these drugs can turn on us and withdrawal can be very difficult.




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