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Advice on Tapering Klonipin and Ambien


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I would like advice on tapering. I have tapered from 1.5 mg of klonipin since the first of July when my pharmacy made a mistake and I went up instead of down. I was taking 1.0 mg for anxiety and to sleep because of thyroid disorder.


I stabilized at 1.0 again and then started my taper again 8/14 and cut my 50 mg tablets in quarters and tapered 1/4 every 8-9 days. I was doing well until I dropped .25 last week on 8/28.


about 4 days later I was hit with withdrawl, fear, crying, anxiety and insomnia  is getting worse.


I take 10 mg of Ambien at night and .25 Klonipin in am. I had used it to lengthen sleep due to insomnia with my thyroid issues.


I read some of the blogs and they said Ambien worsens Klonipin.


I will be starting a low idodine diet next week to get ready for radioactive iodine therapy.


Any advice on how to continue with Klonipin taper and how to do Ambien would be greatly appreciated.


Would it be better to take the klonipin in a split dose rather than all .25 in am or move dosage to pm?


I am struggling with this plus my thryroid having been out of whack since January.


Thank you,

Lilly Duck



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Those 0.25 cuts are probably too large.  You might want to go back up to the last place that you were stable and begin a slower taper.  We usually recommends cuts of no greater than 10% and a lot of people go much slower.  If your 'problem' cut was from 0.50 to 0.25, that's a 50% cut.  It's no wonder you're feeling it.
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