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Plan to reinstate, Short term. Anyone have experience?


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After 18 months I made it to 0.06mg (0.6ml solution)of Clonazepam. Ive been holding at 0.06mg since Feb. I really thought I was doing great and then boom.......


Insert 7 months of massive stressors and I ended up with a major Chrons flare. I was hospitalized for 3 days and now need extensive followup testing and procedures.


I reinstated last night to 0.120mg of K (1.2ml of solution) this is double of what I was on over the past 7 months. Not sure why I picked this dose, but it is working to calm my Chrons Flare and anxiety.


I plan to begin reducing dose again as soon as Im medically stable. Hopefully a couple of weeks.



Will this require the same slow reduction of dosage as when I used K for years? Or will I have a easier time since this is a more short term usage?




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Most likely need to go slow agin as any drastic reduction you will feel and it is a stress to the body. You are no stranger to how quickly the body can get used to it again. also a reminder that reinstating often doesn't give relief...so keep that in mind if you ever consider reinstating again.


I am sorry for your flare up..medical stuff can be rough. You made such awesome progress before this and you can do it again...this is a bump in the road.


Forward progression  ;)

Focus on your health right now.


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