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Pregabalin addiction 300mg upwards of several a day


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I’m taking Pregabalin 300mg several or these a day, got myself into an awful mess with  addiction. It was through NA that I was told of this forum and I’m reaching out really to anyone who’s been in similar situation to me. When I try and cut back feel awful, anxiety, flu like, cravings. Keep cutting back, going weeks doing well and then slipping. If I can just post, if anyone can relate. I just want off this horrible drug and to be me again and recover but I can’t do it by myself.
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Hello Vorina and welcome to BenzoBuddies,


Is is nice that recovery community members share resources like BenzoBuddies with one another.  That is one of the many great things about recovery groups.  I certainly to understand your desire to connect with others who are going through what you are.  I had the same longing.  I honestly don't know how anyone can "do" recovery alone so kudos to you for trying to find others who are where you are.


We do have members who have been affected by things other than benzos.  I've put a link below to the Other Medications forum:


Other Medications


While I can't give you guidance on how to taper pregabalin, I will say that it is likely you will need to taper very slowly as is recommended with benzos.  Many of our members taper over months and some over a year or more.


Get familiar with our site Vorina and when you feel ready, you can start a thread.


Best and healing to you,





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