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A particular pattern/sequence of symptoms


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I am noticing a particular sequence of symptoms, specially during the week working.


After thinking too much/working for 1 hour and half more or less, I kinda feel my head in 'overheat mode' (described here

), it's very uncomfortable and I can barely do anything while on this. I have to pause, sometimes for more than an hour to start feeling better. Eating something, even against my will, seems to help to make me feel better in a faster way, but I still have to pause to do nothing/think about nothing.


After this, I feel my stomatch burning and weird feelings on it, and I start to feel hungry. I feel a bit of acid reflux too.


And then, after, I feel my eyes very dry. It's the last symptom of this sequence. I am much more calm and less anxious by then.


Does this ring anything to anyone? Does this pattern tells something about anything I should pay more attention?

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