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Electric Currents Return in the Body and Knees!


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I'm 18 months in withdrawal and suddenly I develop this strange feeing of Electric Currents in my body.

Its severe than it was in acute.


I've been running and walking for almost 5 to 6 km daily from last 2 weeks. The last two days this feeling developed suddenly.

Also I've been taking some omega 3 supplements may be they have counter reacted or caused a side effect.

When I walk I feel a surge of electric current in my knees.

While I'm sitting a signal of electric current passes to my legs and my knees feel the jolts.


I never had this issue earlier, I'd stopped running and taking supplements. It feels painful even to walk now.

I think my nervous system is very fragile and badly damaged.

The same electric sensation I also feel in my elbows but that's minor.

I'm just very scared I shouldn't have started exercise and taking supplements. Should I go to a doctor or wait for some days. I thought I would be better at 18 months turn out Its been worse than ever.

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My god, this is too insane for what you are going through after only a few days use!!


If you don't mind, can I ask if you ever took any brain meds before this ?

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This electric current is very common. Sad that you got it now. Mine was from the beginning like soft vibrations in my early w/d. Since may 2019 its this electric current thru my whole body. I have had it 24/7 since i stopped use benzo 2017. It comes and goes in severity but always there. I dont take any supplements i dont drink alcohol I eat strict LCHF. But exercise makes it worse and stress.

Hope it will go away ASAP for you its brutal but not dangerous.


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Things are getting worse at 18 months off.

Some major and worse symptoms have developed.

Electric shocks in Knees and legs.

Loss of control in hands. I've been dropping some things for an instant and the next second I'm in control.


I've taken Paracetamol and that helped to ease pain in kness for some time.

But I feel very weak to walk and do anything.


I'm scared I may be getting Multiple sclerosis.


Things were getting very good at 17 months until I started exercise and took some omega 3 Supplements.

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