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Why is it when I go to work my HR increases.


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In the morning at home im fine. My Heart rate is 60's to 70's. Why is it that when I'm at work that my heart rate increases. It varies 80's to 90's. But when I do easy to moderate physical activities 100 to 120. I get sob, tired weak, dizzy. I have to stop and rest, relax, i do slow deep breathing and try to calm down daily. I have to get away from people, co workers to do this. It sucks when I'm feeling this at work, anxiety,  panicky, I wanna leave but I cant. I know I'm dealing with post acute withdrawal from Benzos. This is happening to me daily at work and its getting very disheartening to me, when is this gonna end. This drug made me disabled and handicapped. Even just from walking around outside the buildings and I only work part time. My job is easy but because of my situation to heal from benzo. Work, home life is like walking on egg shells.


I just needed to vent.


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When I got back to work (only 8 hours per week) my heart was beating very fast from the beginning I left my house til I returned in the evening. No matter if it was a stressful or totally calm day. It took over a year til my system had accepted the new situation. Still, when I have a lot of phone calls or a bad day my heart responds. I am not scared about that at all, dont get me wrong, I let my body do what it needs to do and i would never fight against this process...  I just had to learn that on the days this happens, I dont do any further exercise (cause for my body its exhausting to let my heart beat so fast) but sometimes I do a gentle stretch or meditation in the evening to calm down and this often helps me to get better through the next day..

I think what you feel and what your heart rate really is like is different. When we laugh out loud, the heartbeat becomes faster very quickly but no one counts the beats. Its more the What I notice- how I react thing for me, and other things like sweating and so on..


My resting heart rate is very low, about 60-65 and at work it can easily be at 110-130 sometimes:-)

The fact your heart beats faster does not say anything about how healthy it is, by the way. Its more the pattern that matters, not the rate.


I see it like "let the body do its thing and I do mine", I trust my body, and most of the times, things balance out.

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