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5 years and three months off - got hit by a huge wave


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Hello friends,


Yesterday I completed 5 years and three months off benzos and everything else. First and foremost, I am much much better than when I came off.


However, I recently got hit by what seems to be a huge wave: nervousness, nerve pain, headache, muscle pain, back pain etc, a wave like those early on.


The situation with the kids being at home and etc may have triggered it. But I  am quite surprised that I am not fully healed by now. I know I am a rare case because most people heal much faster.


I have been quite patient and I have been through the depths of hell in my recovery.


I would appreciate any words of wisdom.





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My dear BF001. What a delight you are for the community, but how I do wish you would be completely well! Make no mistake, I think you're the best person on this whole forum. You are an example of how to lead a respectable life. The world needs more citizens like you. So don't despair, know that you are amazing and keep up the fight that you know you must win. Godspeed!
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