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Titration: Limits & Limitations


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Titration: Limits & Limitations



We wish to emphasize the following points about titration of benzodiazepines.


[*]A dogged zeal for an unproven method, promoted (by some) in absolute terms, is diametrically opposed to:


[*]BenzoBuddies' general guidance for employing non-prescriptive language



[*]Our non-expert, peer-support model.



[*]The various "recipes" for preparing "home-brew" liquids are based on questionable evidence. Significantly:


[*]The liquids (and powders) produced using these recipes have not been tested for safety, efficacy, potency, stability, pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic properties for any of the different benzodiazepines



[*]Some members have been able to taper successfully using home-brew liquids. Other members have not.



[*]Even if we suppose that a perfect titration method and technique are achievable, there are larger variations to dose outside of our control:


[*]Individual benzodiazepine tablets (used to make our powder or liquid) likely vary by a few percent (or more) from their stated dose



[*]Blood levels of benzodiazepine drop between doses, probably by at least 10%, but often 20%, 30% or even 50% and more.



Fixation with attempts to achieve titrated doses to an accuracy of 0.1% to 1% of target dose become meaningless in light of much larger (unavoidable) variations to dose. When utilizing titration, zoom out, not in; look at the bigger picture.



[*]Common misconceptions include:


[*]The only way to titrate one's dose is to use a liquid



[*]Making minute reductions in dose on a daily basis is the "best tapering schedule".


In reality, there are many ways to titrate one's dose, including both 'wet' and 'dry' options. There are also many different options for tapering schedules.



Please read our FAQs for further pointers about selecting a titration method and schedule to suit your needs.

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