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How its possible the Wheather to be a trigger?


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Okay thats cant be possible but it is! Last winter I've barely survived this winther too! Last summer I was doing so much better then bam the winter comes and puts me on brutal acute wave for months.

Cant be a coincidence! Last one week was hot and sunny then I was better suddenly was coming cold front with grey sky for a few days and my symphtoms was going to the roof.


I notice that before year two in my withdrawal also when I was in tolerance w/d. But now I  cant explaine to myself what the heck is that. Yeah I know that benzos do something to me but hows that the cold dark Wheather can be trigger every time! Its happening all the time!

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I think the weather affects us all much more than we realize, whether benzo damaged or not.

We folks who are dealing with benzo damage are much more sensitive, as well, and weather changes, in my view, are much more difficult to adjust to.

Also, for those of us with preexisting PTSD or benzo damage induced PTSD may get triggered by severe weather, especially if we have experienced a natural disaster or severe weather before.



Do not feel strange or alone in your feelings and responses/reactions to the weather.  It affects everyone! Sending hugs.  :smitten:

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Because English isn't my native language, maybe this is gibberish.


Our brain is working with electrical signals, and very sensitive to electromagnetic influence. A low pressure, in the weather, produces an excess of positive ions, and then we feel bad. After this, an excess of negative ions, and we feel better.

If you are sitting in a pressure chamber, with an extremely low air pressure, then the dopamine increases.


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