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Loss of Taste and Smell, Spicy Food Craving


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Anyone else?

Anosmia (Loss Of Smell)

Ageusia (Loss of Taste)


I've been covering both slices of sandwiches with Sriracha sauce, as much as will fit on the bread plus mustard. I LOVE spicy food now, and always have, but this seems ridiculous. I only feel it when it burns my lips or clears my sinuses. I see that it apparently activates the same Opioid receptor as alcohol, so that might include benzos.

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This is a fairly common symptom, and it's temporary.  I had hyperosmia for awhile, a greatly enhanced sense of smell and even smelling odors like oranges, soap, smoke, etc. that weren't there.  My sense of taste went from normal, to salty tastes only, to a few days where everything tasted absolutely exquisite,  and then ultimately back to normal.  Withdrawal can play havoc with the senses, but things will settle down in time.



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Had altered taste and smell for a year. Alsoalteted mouth sensation - textures of food all wrong.


Much food tastes and smells disgusting or rotten or just wrong.


Have lots of odd smells. Can’t smell my environment properly.

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