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Nighttime wd symptoms main reason for my poor sleep


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I'm 3.8 years post Klonopin. On most nights, between 3:30 an 5:30 AM, I have spasms in the lower back, hips or upper legs that wake me up and almost always keep me up because they usually become painful, and so it's not possible to get back to sleep. And when I go to bed with bad spasms already in place, then it's almost impossible to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Also, spasms are often accompanied by strong pins/needles paresthesia so it's like laying down with electric legs coursing through the body. On real good nights, I'll get 5 hours of sound sleep. Usually, though, it's 4 hours and often only 2 or 3. I remain laying down for several more hours so at least my body does get some rest, but the chronic lack of sleep due to these spasms has been devastating. I know all of this is wd because I never had anything like it before, ever! Occasionally I take 5 mg Flexeril and sometimes this takes the edge off.


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Hi P,


Sorry you are suffering so far out.  Some people take longer for symptoms to completely disappear.


Has there even been a point during your recovery where this went away? 


Resting your body is good even when you can't sleep.


Have you tried any natural things for relaxing muscles?  I would think at 3.8 years off it would be OK to take natural supplement/remedies that others can't during the thick of their WD?


CBD oil might work and is pretty safe.


The Flexeril may be complicating things? 


Hang in there!

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