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my withdrawal from klonapin


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hi! so glad to find this forum. i am a 64 year old unspayed (giggle, see trade)  female, veterinarian by trade, disabled by fibromyalgia. have been on klonapin for over  10 years. cannot clearly remember the initial basis for my being prescribed this medication. i know there were several meds my doctors precribed before settling on this choice. i was perimenopausal at the time, with difficulties sleeping, as well as problems with anxiety. i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2005, and was kept on the klonapin because it helped with my sleep, and also my pain, 2 major difficulties encountered by those who deal with fibromyalgia. after moving to a different state, i was unable to transition my medical care for the fibromyalgia and was forced to suffer through abrupt and unassisted withdrawal from both my pain med and my klonapin. it had been my intention during this transition to find medical assistance in reevaluating my medical needs by coming off of my pain meds and the benzodiazepam, but i was refused care by every medical professional from whom i sought help. i was left to deal with all sorts of nightmares and frightening symptoms by myself. the emergency room i went to just shut me out, saying there was nothing wrong with me. and i did not have timely  access to any primary care. oh, i can't really describe it here, too complicated. finally i came back home to alabama, and am trying to find appropriate medical care. i survived the klonapin withdrawal, i am glad to be off it, but still experiencing unpleasant side effects (not the life-threatening things any more) and anxiety, and other debilitating complications whether due to withdrawal or because i still have medical conditions for which i originally sought help. i came here when i did a search to find out if klonapin withdrawal could be responsible for my loss of appetite, which continues 3 months out, and seeing that it does, i decided to sign on and see what else i could learn about my situation. thanks so much.


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Hello, and welcome to the forum! It sounds like you've been through a lot.  However, many of our members go through their tapers and withdrawals completely alone, or with very little help.  Sometimes, asking a doctor for help tapering can have negative results - they often suggest very fast tapers or even c/t their patients.  Most doctors don't seem to understand the value of a slow taper.


You'll find plenty of information and support here.  Our members have gone through all aspects of withdrawal, and you're likely to see  people who understand what you're going through and can tell you what has worked for them.  For those who are currently tapering, we suggest reducing no faster than 5-10% every 10-14 days, and some taper even slower than that.  One exception: very short-term users of a few weeks or less may be able to taper faster than that.  Having some withdrawal symptoms is normal, especially near the end of a taper and for a month or so after discontinuing the medication.  The most common symptoms are anxiety and insomnia, but these are temporary and will go away in time.


Here are a few links you may find useful:


Post Withdrawal Support Board


The Ashton Manual is an authoritative source on what to expect in withdrawal and recovery.  Dr. Ashton is an expert in the field.  She describes and explains withdrawal symptoms in Chapter III, and there is also a section with withdrawal/taper schedules.


Please take the time to Create a Signature.  This will allow others to see where you are in the process so they can better support you.


Again, welcome!





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thank you so much. it is great to have your help and support. what was most frightening through my initial withdrawal were the moments when i felt that i was dying and i did not feel that going to an emergency room would have helped. and not knowing what was real and what was due to withdrawal. i was without a car, not that i could have driven anywhere. i couldn't get dressed or feed myself; that is a moot point tho because i couldn't eat. well, i don't want to sound like a whiney baby. it has however rather shaken the ground beneath my feet.
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