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.375mg klonopin once or twice per day?


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I am currently on .375mg of klonopin/day and getting ready to make my next cut.  I'm wondering if this would be a good time to switch it all to the nighttime dosage?  Any ideas or advice would be welcome.  Thanks.
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Hi greencup-

I always took all my benzos only at night, that's what worked for me. If you are dosing more often and feeling comfortable you dont have to switch. Some people find having the night dose as the biggest helps with sleep.


I took a look at your signature and wanted you to know I feel for you. I also got tangled up in this through the start of motherhood and similarly didnt know/was told this was all part of the experience for me (actually it was benzos). You have to be incredibly strong to keep parenting and tapering, but it sounds like you are really making progress.




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