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Amalgam filling removal while in withdrawal? Mercury toxic


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I am still having withdrawal symptoms due to benzo use, you can check my signature.

I'm also Mercury toxic due to taking ALA while still having fillings.

Is it ok to get my amalgams removed by a biological dentist now. Or should I wait until I'm more recovered from my benzo withdrawal?

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This is a really tough question to answer. I can tell you that I did and I feel it made me worse, but its hard to tell while going through this mess. At almost 3 years out I still wonder how much of this is due to the removal and how much is the benzos. I can see you're off all meds, so that's a bit better situation to be in. If you were still tapering I'd say definitely not. If you decide to do it, find a reputable biological dentist that uses all of the necessary precautions. Some of them out there say they are, but they aren't really. If you have quite a few, I would space the removal out over a long span of time. Just research as much as you can before taking the plunge, its not something to take lightly. I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but this is a sketchy thing to deal with even with a perfectly healthy person. 
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I'd just like to point out that drilling out old amalgam fillings releases far more mercury into your system than would occur by leaving theme well alone. The advice I've read is that it is better to only incidentally replace amalgam fillings when you need other work. And if the amalgam is under a gold crown, I can only imagine that it is even more benign.


It is also worth mentioning that removing the amalgam necessarily requires the removal of additional good tooth.


Do you eat fish? My understanding is that exposure from fillings is overwhelmed by environmental exposure.




This might be an easier read:



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I hope anyone who has suffered with mercury toxicity will look at heavy metal chelation.  A good naturopathic doctor can help you through this process.  I am currently undergoing mycotoxin chelation and understand why not so many of my BZW symptoms are so much harder than other Buddies might be.  The treatment is not always easy and involves more than one phase of treatment.  There is no need to suffer ongoing symptoms.  Maybe just start with googling heavy metal chelation and then see if you might be a candidate for mycotoxin chelation.  I suspect in this world of toxic air and water,  heavy industries surrounding us and so many invisible molds in food, most people are.


I will definitely be writing about my experience through all of this when I am healed and recovered.


Just some thoughts.



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