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Need help with Ativan taper.. currently at .5mg


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I need help with a taper plan. I have been on ativan for 6 almost 7 months, and it is the last medication i have to get off of. At times the Dr. pushed me to take it 3 or 4 times a day 1 or 2 mgs at a time. (They were convinced my mind was creating symptoms that did not really exsist, and assumed they were all anxiety related) WRONG! Ended up having a bad gallbladder, and now my body cannot function without ativan. My brain and heart say no! But my body absolutely thinks i have to have it. My dr. does not believe in withdrawal, and only wants me to taper this week, switching from .5 mg and .25 mg every otherday, then switching to .25 mg next week, then off the week following. I have tried the .25 for 3 days in a row and became incredibly sick. I had to go back to .5 mg, and i feel like that isn't even enough. Shaking, headache, muscle spasms up my back, have not slept a full night in 7 months, i wake up every night at 2 am. On the dot, with nausea and back spasms. Ativan has also now caused chronic gastritis with atrophy, (had endoscope 1 week ago to confirm) this will only get worse each day i take the ativan. So getting off fast is imperative. (Although i know its not recommended!) Im 35, with 3 boys.. 17, 14, and 12 and have been sick non stop for 7 months, they need their mom. I cannot let the gastritis get any more out of control, as the next step is ulcers.. i am ready to get my life back! Thank you in advance!
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