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My Psychiatrist is Supporting My Liquid Taper!!!!!


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I am very happy right now. I spoke to my psychiatrist and she is supporting me and will be moderating my liquid titration from klonopin. She understands how sensitive I am to medications whether I start taking them and experience side effects or whether it is discontinuing them. She stated that it is an unconventional way of tapering off benzos but I am just so glad that she is backing my decision and monitoring my progress. Most psychiatrists that I have dealt with are not very benzo wise. They are too quick to put you on the medication but are not very informative about discontinuation/withdrawal effects. She really is an awesome doctor and I am so glad I found her and she is understanding what I have been going through as far as trying to taper off the klonopin and failing many tapers due to trying to come off them too fast.....even at 10%. I am feeling very grateful that not only is she backing my decision to come off the klonopin using a liquid titration but she will also moderate my progress and I can be very open with her. I know how hard is it for some people that they literally have to hide what they are doing from their psychiatrist because they wont back a liquid titration, gram scale or any other "unconventional way" of tapering. But hope to all, there are benzo wise psychiatrists out there!!!!

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I'm lucky too. My psychiatrist originally wanted to cross me over to Klonopin, but I've had bad experiences with that med before. I told him I wanted to do the Ashton manual method and cross to Valium instead. He had heard of Ashton but wasn't that familiar with the process, but he was open to it. He's also letting me taper at my own pace with no pressure to rush. I have prescriptions for 2mg and 5mg pills, I cut the 5mg pills in quarters to get a 1.25 for my .25mg cuts.
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That is awesome. I am on a relatively smaller dose. Im om.5 mg a day but i have been on it for quite some time. If i was in a higher dose I would have used Ashton as well. The liquid method better suits my current dose and will be an easy (hopefully painless) taper. I am so happy for you. All the best!!
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