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Honest question: development of tolerance to diazepam and lorazepam


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Since I had a very unfortunate experience with lorazepam, which was quite tolerable until tolerance (and dependence) to the hypnotic, amnestic and finally sedative properties had developed.


As far as diazepam is concerned, I've heard some mixed experiences. For some people it appears to continue to work for sleep, other people report that the sedative properties go away.


In truth, why would tolerance to diazepam's (and its metabolites') properties not develop ?


I'm going to quote something here: http://www.benzosupport.org/why_valium.htm

Specifically, 'If I switch won't I get just get addicted to Valium?


This question used to surprise me but after being asked it a dozen times or so I began to see that it really is a genuine concern for some people. Switching to Valium is not about further addiction; it is about employing a safe method of withdrawal and recovering from addiction. Some people are surprised when I tell them that if they have been on another benzo for any length of time then they are addicted to benzodiazepines and switching to Valium won't change that. '


That's a bit of the old argument that all benzodiazepines are the same (not!), and there is also the assumption that 'you're fine'  and when you just come off the drug everything will just be dandy and at most you will experience some discomfort.


For me, switching to diazepam would be incredibly difficult (let's not even start about my issues with clonazepam) and I'd be very concerned about developing further tolerance and 'tolerance withdrawal'/sensitization (which is what happened with lorazepam).

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